Why do we study Weather?

Curriculum Integration Ideas

Chalk Talk on each of the different weather systems (tornado, blizzard, thunderstorms...)

Think-Puzzle-Explore (What do you think you know about (weather, thunderstorms, tornadoes...), what puzzles you and then finding the information for explore.

Introduce unit by looking at the weather in different areas of the nation, world, and/or state on that day. Could use as centers with QR codes. The centers could be part of a map that students follow using cardinal directions.
Note Taking Sheet (Meteorologist)

Have students track weather in different areas for 5 days. Compare to Birmingham. Graph and discuss why there are differences. Then they could write a persuasive argument on where they would rather live and why (comparing the different cities). OR write a story based off of City Mouse, Country Mouse (Northern Mouse, Southern Mouse).

Google Earth: Pin location and narrate or type the weather for that city.

Poem and illustration on (clouds, air, weather system...) Could post in Voice Thread for feedback from others. They narrate their poem/illustration

Venn diagram on 2 different weather systems.

Describe different weather systems in PhotoStory narrated by student. Could use actual photos, pictures illustrated by students, etc.

Video tape a mock weather forecast. Use a green screen or promethean board with backdrop image

Electronic Science Journal (pictures/video of experiments) Question, hypothesis, experiment,reflection, new hypothesis/prediction for next time.

Show Photos of different weather systems (see photos at the top of page) and describe/write what is happening and what you would need to measure the system.

Create a weather map using symbols with a key. Include different regions

Each group does a different weather experiment (samples below), present to class and explain the process. Use multi-media resources to document the experiment (photo of tools used, video of process…).

Trapped Air Experiment (Marshmallow shooters)

Online Resources

Web Weather

Local and National Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasting

Weather Game...Good Luck!

Weather Videos

Weather Words (cloudy, partly cloudy, windy...)

Weather Brain Pop
What is temperature?

Quick summary of temperature


Climate vs. weather

Why Does the Weather Change

Weather questions (higher readability level)

Why does weather change video

Severe weather video clips

Weather Information

Live Weather Cams

Weather Instruments Song

Rainbows, blue sky, mirages...


Why is the sky blue?

Make a rainbow

Make an indoor rainbow

Make fog in a jar

Let's make a cloud!

Make a tornado
weather tools.jpg
Tornado 2

Create lightning

Make it rain!


Tornado Video

Tornado Map (math/social studies)

Make Your Tornado

Billy Nye: Storm Video


Thunderstorms, Wind, Tornado Video


More thunder!

How far away is that storm?



More lightning

Rain and Floods


Why does it rain?



Hurricane Videos

Bill Nye: Wind Video


What are earthquakes?

Blizzards/Snow Storms

Winter Storms





Blizzards and Winter Storms

Weather Safety

Stay safe!

Disaster Master Game. Can you stay safe?


Types of Clouds

What are clouds?

All about Clouds

Match Clouds

Cloud Information

PebbleGo Weather

Cloud Photos

More Clouds

Clouds, Clouds, Clouds

Cloud Facts

High-Mid-Low Clouds

Cloud Guide (higher readability level)

Cloud Gallery

How do clouds form video

Cloud Photos (free pictures)



What is wind?

Wind and Hot Air

Air pressure simulation

Air pressure (higher readability level)

Air and humidity (water-cycle)

Air pressure


Water Cycle

Water Cycle Video
Water Cycle
Water Cycle Song

Water Cycle Song 2

Online Weather Books

Online direction fiction and nonfiction stories

Online Rain Books